The Fratelli Reali company has been marketing the Pontova® viscose artificial rafia yarns exclusively for over sixty years, which is offered in various qualities and yarn counts. These yarns are manufactured according to sustainability criteria using specifically dedicated forests and are certified FSC by the manufacturer.
The Pontova® yarn is offered in 30 colors always available in stock service with no minima.
Viscose raffia allows you to reproduce the effect of natural rafia without incurring the processing limits that this entails. It is ideal for the production of fabrics, ribbons, fringes, braids, for embroidery and for needlework, allowing the creation of products that have the look and feel of natural rafia.
We also offer synthetic polyamide rafia yarns in different qualities and counts, also colored in stock service. The peculiarity of nylon rafia is the high softness given by the polyamide fiber which makes it particularly suitable for the production of clothing fabrics.
We also offer recyclable and biodegradable jute yarns and tops of which we are among the major European distributors and viscose rayon filament yarns with which we can also make cords, tapes, extra twisted and other fancy yarns on specific customer request.